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2018 Mission Innovation Competition

San Diego Jewish Academy is excited to host the 2018 Mission Innovation competition, focusing on third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students from North County independent and private schools.

Mission Innovation Outcomes and Objectives

  • Allows elementary school students (grades three to five) to engage in a competitive Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math (STEM) competition.
  • Allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of the STEM fields, practice problem solving, and hone their design and engineering skills in a competitive, non-classroom setting.
  • Emphasizes the importance of STEM education in elementary schools.

About the Competition

The Mission Innovation competition consists of three major events throughout the year:

Event #1: A Jeopardy-inspired Q&A competition centered around STEM material and content.

Event #2: A design, research, and analysis challenge where students are tasked with deconstructing an ordinary object (i.e. a stapler, mechanical pencil, hair dryer) and providing data on its structural analysis.

Event #3: An engineering innovation challenge where students are given a mousetrap car kit to assemble and then modify using substitute parts to increase overall acceleration and energy output.

Upcoming Competition Dates:

November 27th – Quick Fire Challenge Part1
February 2nd – Mouse Trap Car Race (Engineering Challenge)
March 27th – Deconstruction Challenge
May 15th – Quick Fire Challenge Part 2


Below please find useful competition documents:

Quickfire Challenge Q&A

Mousetrap Car Report

Mission Innovation Race Car Report Scoring 3.17.17

Reverse Engineering Outline


For more information our Mission Innovation, please contact Irene Lerner at: ILerner@sdja.com

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