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At SDJA, we serve students food that tastes good and is good for them! We believe it is important to provide our students with nourishing options that promote the Jewish value of Shmirat Haguf, caring for one’s body, whenever possible and we’ve made some exciting changes to our school lunch program to reflect that belief.

We are always striving to improve the quality and freshness of the food that we serve. We provide foods high in nutrient values, low in fat and prepare what we can from scratch in our kitchen. Every lunch ordered comes with a salad bar that features local and organic produce wherever possible and we use a combination of whole wheat or grains in most bread products. To create a deeper understanding and appreciation of food, students can choose to help out in our edible garden to help provide the school with organic produce when possible and all food is, of course, Kosher.

We understand that our food choices make a difference and at SDJA we seek to make the healthier decision as easy as possible for your children.

Quick and Easy Trimester Sign-ups are Back! (Discounts are also available for full-year sign-ups)

A’ La Carte “Made-to-Order” Sandwich Bar! (Think Subway®)

A’La Carte Soup and Salad Bar! (Whenever possible, SDJA sources farm to school produce)

Click Here for the SDJA HOTLUNCH online ordering system

Menus currently available:

  • SDJA Early Childhood Center (Beit Yeladim and SDJA Preschool)
  • SDJA grades K-12 (GMLS and MUS Students)

A la carte orders have the flexibility of ordering throughout the trimester.

Click here for nutritional information on SDJA’s lunch program.

Click here to visit the Healthy Habits Committee web page for more information on SDJA’s Wellness Policy and healthy school meals.