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MUS Curriculum

An SDJA education engages students with a diverse and challenging course schedule that offers a comprehensive and rigorous education, preparing our students for the important transition into college. An SDJA graduate is especially appealing to colleges because our students graduate with 100 more credits than most high school students due to our elevated graduation requirements and Judaics courses.


Art & Music

The visual and performing arts are a valued part of the SDJA curriculum. Courses of study include visual art, ceramics, drama, instrumental music, and choir minyan. We believe that the practice of making art engages the imagination, promotes innovation and builds self-confidence.

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Athletics are a vital part of the curriculum at SDJA. As an extension of the academic classroom and traditional school day,  many valuable life lessons are learned through athletic participation.
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The Maimonides Upper School Humanities Department seeks to instill in our students a curiosity and respect for our global community. Faculty and curriculum are dedicated to fostering discerning and self-reliant citizens who are prepared to actively and ethically participate in a globalized society.

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Judaic Studies

The Judaic Studies curriculum at SDJA is designed to ensure that graduates leave our school with a deep appreciation for a wide variety of Jewish subjects, from the Torah to modern Jewish history and everything in between.  In addition, students acquire a variety of skills, such as textual analysis and critical thinking, that they take with them for the rest of their lives at SDJA and beyond.

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Foreign Languages

Students are encouraged to learn a second (or more) language while at SDJA. In addition to Hebrew, which is required in the lower grades, SDJA offers a number of foreign language options.

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Mathematics education at SDJA is formed by the belief that all students are capable of learning mathematics and should be encouraged to excel. Through a comprehensive curriculum designed using current research on math education and student learning, the math department strives to develop students’ curiosity, initiative, and confidence in using logical problem solving skills and strategies.
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Physical Education

The physical education (PE) curriculum is designed to ensure students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to enjoy a lifetime of health, wellness and physical activity.
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The overarching goal of the K-12 science curriculum at SDJA is to ensure that by the end of 12th grade, all students will appreciate the wonder of science; possess sufficient knowledge of science to be engaged global citizens; and have the skills and content knowledge to address a scientific question through data collection, analysis, and designing a conclusion based on evidence.
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Senior Trip to Israel and Poland

The culmination of a San Diego Jewish Academy education is the Senior Trip to Poland and Israel.
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