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Healthy Habits
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Healthy Habits Committee of SDJA is to guide SDJA's approach to health, nutrition and overall wellness for our children, their families and our environment. Areas of focus include the lunch/snack program, snacks/rewards in the classroom, nutrition education, environmental awareness, gardening/farming, and looking at our impact in the community at large.

College students from across the country visit SDJA to work and learn in Levana’s Garden.

The Healthy Habits program is responsible for the creation of a salad bar for student lunches.

Wellness Policy:
SDJA recognizes the link between student health and learning, and has developed a Wellness/Healthy Habits Policy for the school community that will promote a healthy environment for our students through Nutrition Education, Nutrition Guidelines, Physical Education and Activity, and Environmental Awareness. SDJA believes that the development of these habits and knowledge lays the foundation for making positive choices into and throughout adulthood.

The core of SDJA’s Wellness Policy is grounded in the Jewish value of Shmirat Haguf, taking care of one’s body, with the idea that we are all created in God’s image and therefore we have the responsibility to treat our bodies as a gift to be cherished.

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