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Directed Giving
As a result of the generosity of donors, San Diego Jewish Academy has been able to benefit from a variety of enriched programs that include the following:
Larry Acheatel Senior Trip to Poland-Israel Fund
In honor of Larry Acheatel's 13 years of service as Executive Director of SDJA, a special tribute fund has been created to honor him for his passionate service. The annual senior class trip to Poland and Israel was established during Larry's tenure and this culminating educational experience remains one of the school's highest priorities moving forward. All contributions to this fund will help with financial aid so that all members of the senior class will be able to participate. The five week trip is the pinnacle of an SDJA education and is designed to help each student personally define what it means to be Jewish. Thank you Larry Acheatel for your transformative tenure as SDJA's executive director, which oversaw the construction of our 56-acre pluralistic campus that today supports a full spectrum of child development from infants to high school graduates.
Healthy Habits
This fund underwrites costs associated with promoting a healthy environment for our students through nutrition education, nutrition guidelines, physical education and activity and environmental awareness.
Levanaís Garden
This fund helps sustain the innovative learning garden created in memory of Levana Estline, beloved teacher who nurtured San Diego Jewish Academy kindergartners for 18 years. The person/s you wish to acknowledge will receive a beautiful tribute card.
Matthew Beaver Technology Fund
Matthew Beaver, a beloved member of San Diego Jewish Academy's Class of 2009, lost his life to Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare cancer, on January 14, 2009. A Technology Fund has been named in his honor, reflecting Matthew's passion for computers and technology. The fund enables Maimonides Upper School to offer additional computer classes and helps SDJA update and maintain its campus wide computers.
Zikaron VíTikvah / Butterfly Project
This fund helps sustain the internationally renowned SDJA Butterfly Project (Zikaron VíTikvah) that commemorates the lives of the 1.5 million children lost in the Holocaust.
Professional Development
Part of SDJA's mission is to hire, support and train the best faculty and staff. Supporting their professional development is an investment in knowledge and intelligence that ultimately finds its way into the most important place in school: the classroom.
Tikkun Olam
Participating in Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world, teaches students that we each have a responsibility to make the world a better place. Students learn that each individual working to do something good can lead to a community collectively making a difference in the world in which we live. Understanding what community means and feeling a sense of obligation to and respect for community are important goals at San Diego Jewish Academy. SDJA will often use current events and crises as learning opportunities to teach students that everyone has a responsibility to help when there is a problem or need.
Maimonides Upper School
This fund underwrites costs associated with specialized studies and activities in the upper school including Alufiyada-math field day, advanced science equipment, music and arts.
Golda Meir Lower School
This fund underwrites costs associated with specialized studies and activities in the lower school including Judaic Studies, music and arts.
Lions Athletics
Athletics is an integral aspect of the educational experience at SDJA. It provides our students an opportunity to set goals and work to achieve those goals as an individual and as part of a team. Presently, 75% of the student body participates in at least one athletic sport. Sportsmanship, dedication and teamwork are the cornerstones of the Lions Athletic Department. Through the experience of athletic competition, our students acquire life skills that will benefit them long after graduation.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program
SDJA offers a rigorous high school elective called the STEM Program for exceptionally motivated and talented science students. The purpose of this program is to engage students in high level science, math and engineering opportunities beyond the traditional high school science course curriculum. The program has sent four students to the Intel Science and Engineering Fair.
SDJA School Uniform Fund
This fund supports families in their efforts to provide SDJA uniforms for their children. San Diego Jewish Academy uniforms were adopted for the Golda Meir Lower School for the 2015-16 school year. Studies have demonstrated that school uniforms result in an increase in school pride, improve a schoolís sense of community, and have been shown to help younger students stay more focused in class.

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For more information about SDJA's Directed Giving programs please contact Rachelle Jagolinzer (858) 704-3706 or via e-mail at rjagolinzer@sdja.com

"We look forward to graduates of the academy becoming leaders in their community."
Peter Chortek Z"L, Founder, Jewish American Studies Program

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