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Annual Report

Every year, SDJA issues an annual report that details the state of the school over the past school year. Since 2001, SDJA has created this report to educate its parents, students, and community members on its annual activities.

We invite you to reflect back with us through our 2013-2014 SDJA Annual Report. This Annual Report is really only a snapshot in time, enabling us to share financial information, donor recognition for our annual Every Child Campaign, Directed Giving opportunities, our Legacy and endowment campaigns, as well as volunteer recognition and other highlights from the past year.

In these pages we hear from our Board President Ingram Losner and our Head of School Chaim Heller. We thank our fabulous SDJA families for prioritizing a Jewish education for their children, our countless donors for truly generous financial support, our faculty and staff for uplifting our children to new heights, our volunteers and lay leaders who make it all possible, and our many community partners.

This is truly Kehillah - Community - in action!

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"Through this project {Legacy Sefer Torah} we are raising awareness for Judaism and at the same time, raising funds for Jewish Studies."
Jaime Breziner, Past Legacy Chair

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