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SDJA Athletics and Physical Education

The SDJA Physical Education Department provides a sequentially-planned curriculum that not only empowers students to develop lifelong skills and knowledge to enhance their overall wellbeing, but also a program that provides the students with the experience of competition, personal wellness, sportsmanship, and the concept of lifetime fitness. Our K-12 physical education program embodies a developmentally appropriate approach, acting as a bridge to help students transition from lower school P.E. to middle school P.E. / athletics and on to high school athletic opportunities. With specific goals, objectives, assessment tools, and content based on the various developmental levels of SDJA students, our program is designed to educate our students to make personal health and fitness choices in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our commitment to the SDJA community is that our athletic program will provide the opportunities in competitive team sports for student-athletes of all levels to build a strong set of values including teamwork, self-discipline, character development, and personal wellness.

Athletics are a vital part of the curriculum at SDJA. As an extension of the academic classroom and traditional school day, many valuable life lessons are learned through athletic participation. The learning objectives of the athletic classroom are for students to reach their fullest potential intellectually, emotionally, and physically. By encouraging our students to participate in multiple athletic programs, we strive to enhance the diverse learning opportunities at SDJA. Our athletic department is dedicated to teaching the principles of participation, excellence, discipline, loyalty, self-confidence, enthusiasm, and cooperative learning. We believe that through the experience of athletic participation, SDJA graduates are resilient, creative, and prepared to lead in the 21st century world.

SDJA’s 35,000 square foot gymnasium, complete with state-of-the-art weight room, provides an indoor arena for many of SDJA’s athletic programs. Our award-winning sports fields are among the best in the nation; our soccer field was recognized by the Sports Turf Managers Association as the best in the United States. Along with providing amazing facilities, SDJA is committed to providing exceptional athletic and physical education opportunities for all of our students.

Click here to view our lower school physical education grading rubric.

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