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Visual Arts
The program offers three levels of art: foundation, advanced and advanced placement. In addition, every other year, WriteDesign, an integrated art, writing, design and technology class, is offered.

The foundation art course serve as an introduction class for beginning students and for students who want to develop a better understanding of seeing, thinking and producing with an emphasis on technical skills and concept development. All of the lessons and projects expose students to basic art literacy and skills development in multiple media.

The advanced art course takes skills learned in the foundation art class to the next level. Students have the opportunity to develop their artistic passions and to express their personal voice by looking at the past, present and future. Specific lessons and a variety of projects are utilized (including more sophisticated strategies in the areas of drawing, color theory, application and mixed media) to expand the student's understanding of art techniques.

The advanced placement program currently operates as an independent study course where individual students have an opportunity to create a portfolio for submission to receive AP credit in the areas of drawing, 2-D design and 3-D design.

The WriteDesign course provides a workshop setting in which students create a variety of multimedia projects including art, writing, design and technology. Successful completion of this course equates to one year of fine art credit toward SDJA and the University of California graduation requirements. A primary goal of this course is to instill a passion for clear communication and creative problem solving through multimedia. Two instructors team-teach the course, coordinating instruction to empower students. Instructors create lessons in thematic units that develop a particular skill or project.

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