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Visual Arts

The Maimonides Upper School Visual Art Program is an exciting place to grow, create, express, and enjoy. Classes accommodate a variety of skill levels and enable participants, from the intimidated, “not artistic: type to the natural, creative genius, to find a voice, expand aesthetic awareness, and develop artistic skills. The art department is proud of a fine facility, which includes a twenty-station Macintosh graphic design lab, and a fully equipped ceramics studio.

Visual Art

This course serves as an introduction to art concepts and art media. Through a projects based approach, Visual Art offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of art media and techniques including, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpting. Building on a foundation of the elements and principles of design, concepts of aesthetic evaluation, art criticism, art history, and color theory are applied and reinforced throughout the course.

Visual Art II

The advanced Visual Art course takes skills learned in the foundation art class to the next level. Students have the opportunity to develop their artistic passions and to express their personal voice. More sophisticated strategies and projects are introduced to expand students' understanding of art techniques and artistic evaluation.

AP Studio Art

Students participating in the Advanced Placement program create an art portfolio for submission to accredited universities in order to receive AP credit. Class assignments and content are specifically designed to meet the requirements of an introductory college level art course and to lead students through successful portfolio completion. Students interested in this course are expected to have a strong artistic interest and some artistic proficiency. Portfolio content focuses on drawing, photography, or 3D design.

Visual Art 2D and 3D Design!

Art/Ceramics is a projects based class that provides a context for exploration and skill development in a variety of artistic media. Clay construction and the ceramic form are heavily emphasized. The elements and principles of design are discussed, applied, and analyzed throughout the course.

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