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Graphic Design

This course provides its students with a foundation in graphic design. All of the lessons and projects expose students to basic design literacy and skill development. Strong emphasis is placed on the informed use of the principles and elements of design to serve as a structure for powerful communication. We use Macintosh computers and Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop software to do much of our work; however, the computer is simply a tool that requires informed decision-making skills.

Students in graphic design often create amazing artistic pieces during the course.

Doug Kipperman has been teaching for nearly 20 years and is head of the Maimonides Art Collective.

Students will learn to solve visual and conceptual problems by using the creative process, which includes identifying their goals, concept development, drafts, revision, editing and final execution. The students are also taught to think critically and learn to control the elements and principles of design. The overarching theme throughout the year is called "Journey into Self", where students create a portfolio that shows a multi-media, multi-dimensional view of who they are and how they are perceived. In this class, we also explore numerous examples of marketing messages throughout history and focus on how the message, regardless of the medium, influences how people are treated, and how products and services are sold. The long term goal of the program is for the students to set and achieve goals so they might become who they would like to be as artists.

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