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San Diego Jewish Academy’s Alumni Association strives to inspire all former students to maintain relationships and network with individuals who share childhood experiences, Jewish values, beliefs and traditions. Through a variety of social and networking activities, the Alumni Association promotes personal and professional opportunities for alumni and their friends, and creates ambassadors and supporters of San Diego Jewish Academy.

We encourage our alumni to stay in touch with us. We hope you will interact with us and your fellow alums in person and via social media. Links to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages can be found on this page.

Please peruse our photo gallery below. Find yourself and friends!


Alumni Photo Gallery

2013 Graduation
2013 GraduationJun 2, 2013Photos: 57
Class of 2012
Class of 2012Jun 19, 2013Photos: 26
Class of 2011
Class of 2011Jun 19, 2013Photos: 14
Class of 2010
Class of 2010Jun 19, 2013Photos: 18
Class of 2009
Class of 2009Jun 19, 2013Photos: 15
Class of 2008
Class of 2008Jan 20, 2005Photos: 19
Classes 2001-2007
Classes 2001-2007Jun 19, 2013Photos: 20
Class of 2000
Class of 2000Jun 19, 2013Photos: 11
Classes 1979-1999
Classes 1979-1999Jun 19, 2013Photos: 41
Classic SDJA Photos
Classic SDJA PhotosApr 23, 2007Photos: 49
Click here to visit the SDJA Alumni Facebook page for pictures, news, announcements and more.


SDJA has established “SDJA PALS” so that alumni parents can continue to socialize with each other and stay abreast of life cycle events, family goings on, and our community. Through our LinkedIn.com networking group we encourage established alumni and motivated parents to utilize their business and personal connections to assist SDJA alumni in gaining experience and opportunities through networking.

Your PALS Co-Chairs:
Ann Jaffe Beverley Pamensky Cynthia Bolker Denise Shoemaker Suki Lurie
annjaffe22@gmail.com bevpamensky@san.rr.com crbolker@aol.com familiski@aol.com suki.lurie@gmail.com


Contact Us

Alumni Association Governance:

Mike Dolinka President Mikedolinka@gmail.com 858-888-5494

To contact the Alumni Association, please email alumni@sdja.com