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SDJA Transportation Program and Bus Routes

SDJA strives to make our school accessible to students from many different geographical locations through our Transportation Program. Our program offers multiple bus pick–up locations throughout San Diego County.

Bus route map
Zone 1
South Bay
  • Pick up 6:35 am – Drop Off 4:25 pm
Old Town
  • Pickup 7:25 am – Drop Off 3:55 pm


SDJA Routes include:
  • Chula Vista
  • Old Town


Designated stops on each of the routes are based on demand and ridership.

Payment Options:

SDJA offers its parents a number of different options regarding how our students utilize our transportation program. Parents may select from annual round trip and one way packages as well as an occasional rider option that allows parents to purchase individual ride vouchers.

For more information on our Transportation Program, contact our Transportation department by calling (858) 704–3872 or emailing transportation@sdja.com .