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SDJA Academics
Academics at SDJA far surpasses traditional course work. SDJA provides students with a rigorous college-prepatory education that is coupled with a values-based education. With average class sizes of 17 and highly-educated, highly-compassionate faculty, SDJA provides its students with personalized attention that helps them discover and engage their passions. SDJA also offers numerous programs that are geared to engage students' interests. From Levana’s Garden to its extensive athletics program, SDJA offers many ways for our students to not only get an outstanding academic education, but also to explore what motivates them.

SDJA Preschool
At SDJA Preschool, we believe that children are born eager to learn. Teachers see the competency of each child, believe in his or her ability and commit themselves to help each child reach his or her full potential! Using the project approach, our teachers incorporate developmentally appropriate practices and California Preschool Learning Foundations into the daily curriculum of each classroom.

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Golda Meir Lower School
The lower school curriculum is designed to progress with the growth of your child. A third of the day is devoted to Judaic Studies and Hebrew language, which helps students develop values, grow as individuals and understand their heritage and history. The rest of the day is devoted to general studies and utilizes unique methods such as concept based learning, course and program integration and the six "Specials" courses to enhance learning and foster growth in a warm and nurturing environment.

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Maimonides Upper School
Maimonides Upper School offers a dual curriculum of general and Judaic Studies. General studies include English, history, science, mathematics, art and physical education. Judaic Studies contains Hebrew and courses in Jewish texts, history, culture and religious practices. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, extended field trips, ethical expectations and Tikkun Olam activities to optimize the education experience.

Click here to learn more about the Maimonides Upper School curriculum.

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